Bulova Fllw - B Harley Bradley - Chm Wall- Ebony

Designer: Bulova
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C4836 B. Harley Bradley Clock. Gracing a cul-de-sac and overlooking the Kankakee River, the B. Harley Bradley House is a handsome two story home designed by Wright early in his career, has a variety of unique and beautiful leaded glass windows. This product has been adapted from a detail of one of them. The elongated geometric patterns designed for the B. Harley Bradley House are some of the most sophisticated he ever created. Features: • Maple veneer stained in an ebony finish. • Smaller scale chiming design has a bent wood curved top and a full base. • A brass finished rod pendulum swings behind the lower glass panel. H:18.5” W: 7.5” D:4.25”, H:46.9 cm W:19.4 cm D:11.7 cm (To hear chime go to www.bulovaclocks.com)
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Designer Bulova
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