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Here’s Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Moissanite


Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but who says a girl can only have one best friend? Moissanite is a gorgeous gemstone that is both rare and brilliant at the same time. Its unique qualities make it an incomparable gem.

Here’s everything you’ve always wanted to know about this stunning eco-friendly gemstone and why you should add it to your jewelry box.

What is moissanite?

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a very rare gemstone made from silicon carbide. As one of the hardest gemstones in the world, its strength, as well as its colorless brilliance, makes moissanite a gorgeous gemstone to adorn jewelry pieces, especially engagement rings.

Moissanite Origin

Where does moissanite come from?

Unlike most gemstones, moissanite wasn’t discovered in an underground mine. Instead, this beautiful gem was first found around 150 years ago, in a crater that was formed after a meteor hit Canyon Diablo, in Arizona. This means that moissanite is literally out of this world!

Moissanite lab-created

Is moissanite lab-created?

Moissanite is one of the rarest gemstones naturally found on earth because it literally comes from space. Luckily, meteors don’t make craters on earth every day, but that also means that natural moissanite is hard to come by - making the supply incredibly limited. 

Thankfully though, these beautiful gemstones can be created in labs. However, that’s a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process, which limits the output, meaning that they’re still super rare. It takes an expert two to three months to create a single moissanite.


Diamonds and Moissanite

How does moissanite compare to diamonds and other gemstones?

It depends on which characteristic you look at. You can compare gemstones on many key characteristics such as hardness, fire, and brilliance. 

Moissanite ranks the highest on the Brilliance Refractive Index, making it the most brilliant fine gemstone on earth. 

Secondly, its fire dispersion is over 4x greater than any other popular gemstone, meaning that when the light hits moissanite, you see a flash of brilliance and a prism of colors unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Diamond durability

As for toughness and durability, moissanite ranks second only to diamonds in hardness and scratch resistance, meaning not only is it a tough gemstone, but it can easily stand up to daily wear.

Last but not least, moissanite requires no mining, meaning that its origins are traceable, ethical, and eco-friendly, unlike other gemstones.

Moissanite cleaning

Can moissanite get cloudy?

Moissanite doesn’t permanently change color nor does it get cloudy. However, like other gemstones, oils or dirt can build up on its surface, affecting its brilliance. Luckily, that can be easily fixed with a good cleaning.


Moissanite colors

Is moissanite colorless?

Although colored moissanite gems exist, the most popular ones are colorless. There are three color grades of moissanite: colorless (D-E-F range), near-colorless (G-H-I range), and with faint hues of color (J-K range).


What kind of moissanite jewelry pieces can I get?


The great thing about moissanite is that it’s versatile, meaning that you can have it in pretty muchany jewelry piece.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.


Moissanite engagement rings

Moissanite engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings might be the most traditional option, but these days, brides are increasingly opting for unique and innovative designs. Moissanite engagement rings are a great option for those who are looking for a unique gemstone, but don’t want to go for a colored one, such as emerald or ruby.

Moissanite wedding bands


Moissanite wedding bands

Moissanite is a brilliant choice for your wedding or anniversary bands. The brilliance of moissanite will beautifully enhance the look of your engagement ring, making them a match made in heaven!

Moissanite earrings

Moissanite earrings

The right earrings can transform your outfit from bland to gorgeous - and they’re a great gift for a loved one! From classic studs to beautiful hoop earrings, you can find the perfect pair of moissanite earrings for any occasion. 


Moissanite bracelets

Moissanite bracelets

From moissanite accented bangles to tennis bracelets, any piece you choose will definitely be a timeless staple. Moissanite bracelets are distinctive accent pieces that will complement any outfit - and you can wear a single one for a minimalist look or stack them up to create a personalized set with lots of sparkle!


Moissanite pendants

Moissanite pendants and necklaces

You’ll cherish your moissanite necklaces forever and wear them on any occasion. Just like with bracelets, you can wear a single moissanite pendant necklace for a delicate look, or layer a few necklaces to add a personalized touch. 


Diamond Cuts

Moissanite cuts

Moissanites can be cut into a variety of traditional and contemporary shapes. From cushions to pears, each one has its own individual beauty. No matter your taste, there’s a moissanite cut that’ll perfectly fit your style. Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful moissanite cuts.

Round    Oval    Cushion    Emerald    Marquise 
Pear    Princess    Radiant    Hearts & Arrows Round
Square Brilliant    Baguettes    Asscher    Trillion

Moissanite engagement rings


What is Charles & Colvard moissanite?

Charles & Colvard is the premier and original maker of moissanite jewelry. Their high-quality gemstones are cut above any other moissanite on the market by craftsmen with years of expertise and valuable knowledge. Charles & Colvard have the greatest brand recognition when it comes to moissanite, thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship, and pioneering work.

Best moissanite retailer in Orange County, CA

Teresa’s Jewelers, in the heart of Orange County, is legendary for warm, personal service, and deep knowledge of all there is to know about jewelry - including moissanite!

With one of the largest and highest-quality jewelry selections in the area, Teresa’s Jewelers works with renowned designers from all over the world. This reputable family-owned business has helped Californians find the perfect jewelry pieces for four generations.

Whether you’re looking for a custom-designed moissanite engagement ring or a gorgeous pair of earrings, our jewelers and certified gemologist will help find the perfect piece for you.

At Teresa’s Jewelers, you can always expect the most interesting, unique, and even whimsical artistic creations in platinum, gold, and sterling silver from Italy, Spain and Germany to Mexico and the U.S.

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