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Beautiful and uplifting religious medals and why you should wear them

The tradition of wearing medals goes back to Greeks and Romans. Religious medals are some of the most iconic Catholic symbols, and they have been worn since the founding of the Church. Early archeologists have found medals portraying saints and martyrs, like Saint Peter and Saint Paul, dating back to the early days of Christianity.
Saint Pope Pius V began the practice of blessing medals in 1566. The Church teaches that such medals do not possess intrinsic powers, but they help believers recall their faith. Many Catholics love to wear religious medals and often associate them with faith and belief. Now, we’ll show you the top reasons why you might consider wearing them too!

Religious pendant

They are a sign of faith

Just like wedding bands mark your commitment to a partner, medals help you show to the world that you are connected to something bigger and larger than yourself.

Religious pendant

They encourage devotion

Religious medals can work as a constant reminder to pray and be connected to God and your faith.

Saint medal

To carry a symbol of a patron

People devoted to a Saint feel safer and protected when they wear a medal representing them; it is a reminder of their protection.

Religious pendant

Carry them to connect with others who share your views

Wearing a medal, which you rarely take off, will help you develop relationships with people devoted to the same Saints as you are or who share common beliefs with you. They will help you feel part of a community.

Saint medal

Because brave men and women in history
have worn medals

Heroic role models like Mother Theresa, Catherine McAuley, and Margaret Sinclair lived a life of heroic virtues and wore medals to recall their faith.

protection pendant

Because we need reminders of good things in the world

The fast-paced and demanding world can be rather draining at times. Wearing a symbol of protection, connection, and faith can make you feel better and more centered.

Because we need reminders of good things in the world

The fast-paced and demanding world can be rather draining at times. Wearing a symbol of protection,
connection, and faith can make you feel better and more centered.

Meaning of symbols in religious medals
A sequence of letters on a religious medal is a prayer in the form of an acronym, usually in Latin.
Medals usually have the portrait of a Saint, of the virgin Marry, or Jesus.
Dates usually mark the time when a vision or the miracle represented took place.
Sun rays
The sun rays surrounding a saint represent the graces and blessings they bestow on those who pray.
12 stars
These represent the 12 apostles who formed the Church.
Serpents usually represent evil, or hell, and they are traditionally portrayed under a Saint’s feet, representing their defeat and the general omen of protection against such things.
Hearts illustrate Jesus or Marry's sacred heart, just as crosses on medals represent the cross where Jesus was crucified.

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Religous pendant fashion

Should I wear medals only for religious reasons?

In the past, people wore jewelry to demonstrate their faith, status, and commitment (in the manner a signet contract is used now). We now live in an age where symbolic elements, including religious symbols, are not always directly associated with their original meaning.
Once sacred, these objects have become adorning elements, and everyone can give them their own meaning. An example would be jewelry featuring crosses. Such pieces still represent one of the most important symbols of Christianity, but at the same time, people interpret them in different ways without a religious context.

Religious jewelry repair

My religious medal is looking dated

We wear religious medals every hour of every day. While gold is not a corrosive precious metal, the constant contact with our skin and skincare products can take away some of its glow over time.
This is perfectly normal. Look for specialized cleaning and polishing services. If you are in California, take advantage of Teresa’s Jewelers' highly recommended jewelry repair and cleaning repair services. With just a few easy steps, you can have your medal glowing like on the first day you got it!

Explore perfect religious medals and crosses

crucifixes jewelry

Bonus: Religious crosses and crucifixes

Like religious medals, cross and crucifix jewelry is also very inspiring, and they are symbols worn by Catholics and Christians alike.
In modern society, in addition to the fact that Christians wear crosses, more and more people use crosses as an ornament. To pursue fashion and beauty and enhance the matching effect of clothing, crosses often come in simple shapes and smooth lines.
Crosses are not only women's pursuit of beautiful exclusive products. Many men have also begun to pay attention to the beauty and texture of cross necklaces. You can use them to add extra points to your outfit, adding a touch of personality that appeals to others.

Religious medals in Santa Ana, California

Medals can be used as a gift, award, or souvenir. Whether you are looking for confirmation medals, baptism medals, first communion medals, significant event medals, or crosses, Teresa’s Jewelers will surprise you with beautiful options in white and yellow gold.
Teresa’s professionals can also craft personalized medals just the way you envision them with custom design services. Take advantage of artisans with more than 30 years of expertise.
You will be very confident in your purchase when you visit Teresa’s Jewelers. You are always more than welcome to explore religious medals, gold medals, vintage medals, and much more!

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